‘Amazon Fresh further concept ideas’

Looking further into the idea of providing recipes with all the relevant ingredients, I came across Hello Fresh and Gousto. They’re fast-growing companies delivering recipes and all the ingredients needed to prepare the meal, in exactly the right amounts. They are therefore the perfect platforms for busy professionals, as well as people interested in trying and learning new recipes.

I like the idea of Hello Fresh and Gousto, and I think it could be incorporated within the Amazon Fresh shipping experience, perhaps with an interesting twist or addition.

Most of the grocery supermarkets have a large selection of recipes, but Ocado had the one-click ‘add ingredients to the shopping trolley’ button. I like the idea of that, but since Ocado and a number of mobile apps are already doing it, I will need to find something else that will make Amazon Fresh special. However, it could certainly be a useful feature.

As I’m trying to move forward with this idea, I’m just going to brainstorm here, and see if anything ‘workable’ crosses my mind.

Regarding the community concept: Amazon Fresh is all about being local, which has a strong connection to the ‘community’. Living in London, for example, means that our community includes people for all parts of the world. What if Amazon Fresh offered a small number of recipes—for example, one local (British), and one from a totally different culture? And together with the recipe cards, customers would receive interesting facts about that culture? That way, they could experiment, taste and learn new dishes, and at the same time educate themselves about other cultures.

Or, each product could come with its brief history. Where has it first appeared, how has it been transported to the other parts of the world, what dishes has it been used for…

Or, each (artisan) product could include a story of where it’s from. Perhaps a little note from the maker/farmer (printed out of course)?

Or maybe I could base it all around the convenience. It is, after all, super convenient to be able to enjoy the market food without even stepping out. There is a number of companies doing that already, Farmdrop for example. They deliver fresh produce, as well as any other groceries and household products, but not in the same day. I guess that this is another point that makes Amazon Fresh different.

In the case of going ahead with the ‘convenience of the market’ idea, the branding would be, well, market-like. Rustic, simple, hand-made and hand-printed, wooden-like, natural, human. I love that kind of feel, and would in fact enjoy creating that sort of art work. It would also make it stand out in the super-polished and professional world of supermarket groceries branding.

The examples of this style include the following:

The feature image also demonstrates the feel of the market that Amazon could focus on in is branding. I will try and develop this idea further.





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