‘HotHouse Intern Day 4′

The task of the day was to decorate the corridor walls for the upcoming open day. We needed to source these from the students’ sketchbooks and blogs.

A large peppermint tea made me feel much better.

We were supposed to also calculate the sizes of the walls, and work out how many prints do we need.

My initial task was to find suitable images from the blogs. I’ve sourced a number of them, but then had to move away from the computer, as it was giving me a headache.Here are some of the images I found:

I’ve been quite ill on this day, and so instead I’ve ended up doing simple mechanical tasks such as folding papers, stapling brochures (so much fun!), and filling the promotional tote bags with promotional items. These jobs suited me perfectly.

My first mechanical job. Loved it.
I packed all these!

I had to leave on time, but others stayed—I supposed that they’ve finished the task of decorating.


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