‘Amazon Fresh—going rustic’

After deciding that I want to follow the rustic route with the Amazon Fresh branding, I had a good look around what is already there regarding the artisan markets, places and products.

I’ve noticed that the branding for this niche remains true to its general feel—it is very natural, hand-made, often textured, with simple colours. The illustrations are often hand-printed, and either simple (almost children-like) or vintage-looking.

The typical materials are wood, linen, wicker, natural paper, and delicious-looking fresh food.

The illustrations seem to consist of hand prints, watercolour, collage, and other traditional-looking styles. Here is a selection that I love:

Here is the rest of the imagery that I found which relates to the feel I want to create for Amazon Fresh:

The feature image at the top has a lot of similarity with the Amazon Fresh—it is a combination of the market and supermarket foods.

And, lastly, this lovely branding:



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