‘HotHouse Intern Day 5′

Today’s session was very interesting. We had Alistair Hall taking us through the current visual branding of all the areas of the London Met, The Cass, and the HotHouse.

Alistair Hall, creator of the great design blog wemadethis.co.uk.

The visual identity and the terminology across the university is not consistent. The faculties/schools, subject areas, clusters, and departments are sometimes used interchangeably, which is confusing to both the students and outsiders.

We’ve decided that even though the ranking of the university comparing to The Cass is much lower, we will not make The Cass branding more prominent, but will rather let its success help to pull up the whole university. However, this will need to be discussed with the other departments in order to understand their vision of how they want to be perceived.

Firstly, we’ve decided to focus on the HotHouse position/placement within the university, branding and social media. We discussed the different social media accounts that the HotHouse holds, and what is the best approach for each platform. We found that Twitter works best for posting upcoming events, while Instagram covers the current . Facebook hasn’t been very active, therefore the only content it will recieve will be the content from Instagram/Twitter—for people who not on other platforms. Tumblr (possibly to be changed to WordPress in order to stay consistent with our individual university blogs) will be the main text-based platform, with a more detailed information of the HotHouse content. It will allow us to organize all the relevant areas into the menu categories, and will be updated and used as a website.

The current logo.

Once we had the theory in place, it was time to start doing some hands-on work. My task for today was to create a logo for the HotHouse. HotHouse sits within the Visual Communication department, and basically creates whatever content is required—online promotion, visitor talks, published promotion, setting up events, etc.

I worked with Maria and John, trying to work out the best approach of keeping the new logo in line with the current identity, while having a place of its own. We’ve done research of what’s already there (and there are already surprisingly many Hot Houses!), and drawn many different ideas (feature image at the top). Then it was time for to go, so I will have to see what have they settled on next week.



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