‘Stolen Space gallery visit’

The other day I’ve decided to visit a gallery exhibition and observe its details in order to document them for the design competition brief, so I headed to my favourite gallery called Stolen Space. It is located at the beginning of the Brick Lane, just a few minutes from my uni.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, and so the following images are taken by my camera phone—pretty terrible, especially the white ones.

As usually, I absolutely loved what I found—an American artist Kevin Cyr’s amazing paintings of tracks that he saw in different cities of the world, and British graffiti artist Jamie Evans’ colourful abstract pieces.

The signage was just plain white foam boards, with a black text and an image. The rest of the signage, presenting the name of the painting’s author, was a transparent sticker stuck to the wall.

The actual artwork was displayed in a variety of ways, such as a traditional canvas, on a wooden board, and framed.

The colour palette was plain white, with the colour of some (run-down) parts of the walls and artwork balancing its plainness.

The walls never disappoint me in this place—purposefully rough and striped-down. It also features brick work in some places.

Loving the background!

Cyr’s work was very cool and interesting, bringing a lot of detail to imperfections on the tracks; while Evans’ work was more free-flowing, chaotic and psychedelic, and without any order. I enjoyed especially his larger pieces (feature image at the top), and all his work made me feel like it can be done. All you need to do is go crazy at the canvas.

Only two artists, and only about 15 minutes, but I left feeling way more inspired than when I walked in. Mission accomplished.


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