‘Amazon Fresh—concept board’

After doing a lot of research, it was time to get some work down. The first thing to do is to create a mood board expressing the feel and vibration of the brand. This has become one of my favourite parts.

Along the way, I’ve come up with a list of five personality brand values:

  • creative (my artwork will bring the creativity, which can be translated as creative in cooking)
  • authentic (this is the aspect that is brough in by the rustic feel of the local artisan, market-like produce; as well as buying from real people rather than a large supermarket chain)
  • innovative (it’s a new way to shop, plus there are gadgets such as Amazon Dash, which make the shopping even easier)
  • luxurious (there will be a high-end feel to the branding in order to appeal to the customers who will be using this seervice—food lovers with enough money to spend extra on good food)
  • consistent (this is the personality trait that assures the convenience and quality of the delivery)

The mood board that I’ve created can be seen in the feature photo above.

Here are a few options that I was deciding between (the colour of the last of the three dots):

Rusty (my favourite, but unsuitable I guess).
Silver (misses the link with the brand).
Steel (most tools in the farm are made of steel as far as I know).

The next step is to finally start experimenting with the illustrations.





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