‘Amazon Fresh—tagline and message’

My next task is to produce a tagline that will be communicated to the customers through a number of channels.

The main message that I worked with was the convenience of getting the market and local speciality produce to the customers’ door without even leaving the house.

I’ve started with the statements such as:

  • A clever way to shop.
  • Convenience with capital C.
  • Local specialities without leaving the house.
  • Get the market to your door.

…and after a process of brainstorming ideas and developing the message, I’ve finalized with these:

  • An olive and tomato focaccia from your favourite local bakery.
  • A creamy camembert from your favourite local cheesemaker.
  • Cocoa-dusted white chocolate praline truffles from your favourite local chocolaterie.
  • An extra-spicy chorizo from your favourite local butcher.

I’ve decided to use the descriptive words in order to work with the customers’ imagination and help them visualize (and buy) their favourite food products.



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