‘Amazon Fresh—illustration research and approach’

When it comes to the visual side of branding, I get really excited and want to do it all. In this case, I’d love to create hand illustrations, rather than just use photos of the food. There are three options that have my interest: wild and messy watercolour, cool and quirky collage, and simple and raw/textured lino printing. I will start with the watercolour, as I feel that its wildness expresses the wildness of farmers market very well. The only problem will be the execution—I’m not a watercolour artist—but I’ll try to give it a go anyway.

Here are some examples that stood out to me from the last selection, plus some new illustrations of the watercolour style (for now):

…and here is my first set of creations:

In my sketchbook.
Also in my sketchbook, I guess it’s not exactly true to the focaccia photo being copied, as my daughter guessed that the tomato/olive combos were ladybirds.

The last attempt can be seen at the top (feature image)—creamy camembert on a watercolor paper.

I could work on these and perhaps improve and tweak my watercolour techniques, but instead I’ve decided to move on to a different media. I have lino printing with watercolour touch in my mind next, you will be able to see the outcomes in the next post.



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