‘Visual research out there’

‘Electricity’ exhibition

The other day I went to an exhibition in order to start looking into the 3D space, which is the basis of our last brief—the FMP.

It was located near Russel Square, in a place called ‘Wellcome Collection’.

The building was great, and I quickly found the exhibition on the 1st floor.

Unfortunately the photography wasn’t allowed, so I only snapped a secretive few.

The sign outside was quite fun and promising.

The atmosphere of the exhibition was quite dark, with old museum-like images and objects, many of them rather morbid. There was a dead electric eel, images of oxen on death chairs (advertisement for Bovril stock), Frankenstein, and horses in water being electrocuted by the eels. In the middle of the room was an object looking like an electric death chair, which (luckily) turned out to be an electroterapeutic chair.

A video still.

The place was a combination of glass, wood, metal, marble, and plastic. The colour palette was purple, brown, white, grey, black, and pink. The lightning was soft. The music was relaxing and meditative, with quiet monologues in some places.

The whole place gave me a bad feeling. I believe that an electricity exhibition could have been created in a much more positive way, highlighting the benefits that electricity provides for us.


‘Making nature’ exhibition

After visiting the ‘Electricity’ exhibition I headed for the next show in the building.

Photography was not allowed, but I’ve managed to snap a few without being noticed.

Again, I observed the aspects that we were supposed to pay attention to, and looked around at the objects on the display. This time I was even less impressed.

Just like previously, the place was very dark, but only combined of wood and glass. The colour palette was old pink, white, light brown, and dark grey. The sound of a rain forest (the only thing that I liked here) was filling the room, but it has changed into a whispery monologue in the next room.

There was a dead stuffed animal (something looking like a skunk perhaps), which was just weirdly located. I thought it was someone’s dog for a second.

There were some more stuffed animals on the (normal) display, and the whole place made me want to get out, so I did.

On the way out I’ve popped in next door—the exhibition called ‘The medicine man’. Again, it was quite dark, but it certainly had more interesting objects in it than the other two, such as the wall installation below.


Cupcakes & Shhht shop display

After two attempts of trying to find inspiration for my 3D final outcome at the end of the year, I’ve finally found one.

Looking for the ‘HelloFresh’ pop-up shop in the Old Street tube station, I’ve asked the girl on the photo who seemed to be selling cakes. She said that they’ve gone the previous day. After having a better look at her shop, I’ve totally decided to review it instead. The name is great, and so are the products. On a good day I’m normally quite demanding when it comes to cakes, as I try to stay off sugar—but they actually had three different options for me here! I almost got all three, which would have cost me over a tenner, so at the end I’ve exercised my inner strength and managed to only buy one. It was hard.

The shop had a lively lovely vibe—healthy, positive, colourful, natural, and happy. Perfect.

Bit of nature in the concrete jungle.
Peanut butter taster. Had to make an exception to my no-sugar rule, and it was worth it.
Aaaaaaaaaaah again…

As you can see, this shop knew a thing or to about how to arrange its products to make them irresistible. Great inspiration.




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