‘Amazon Fresh—tagline development’

After a fair amount of experimenting with the execution of this brief, and settling down on a colourful combination of a lino print and watercolour (will be posted soon), I’ve realized that I need to create a connection between my arty delivery and the concept of Amazon Fresh.

In the previous post I’ve created the content messages:

  • An olive and tomato focaccia from your favourite local bakery.
  • A creamy camembert from your favourite local cheesemaker.
  • Cocoa-dusted white chocolate praline truffles from your favourite local chocolaterie.
  • An extra-spicy chorizo from your favourite local butcher.

Now I need to create the tagline for all these messages—for Amazon Fresh as such.



  • ‘The art of artisan food’
  • ‘Bringing the art of artisan food’
  • ‘Arty artisan food’
  • ‘Get arty with artisan food’
  • ‘Understading the art of artisan food’

The idea needs more development, but something along those lines should work. For now, I think I’ll go with the first one.




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