‘FMP—new turn of the identity’

After trying out a few different ways to approach this project, I wasn’t happy with the outcome. The large-scale photography just wasn’t working, and I found it hard to apply it to other merchandize and designs.



‘FMP—last park time’

Today it was the day to photograph the 3D installation—a day before my hand-in. Unfortunately the weather was not great, but at least I managed to get my sister to stay with the kids, so I didn’t have to drag them there with me (much, much quicker way).


FMP—illustrations for the 3D display’

Finally the day has come when I found the time to make the illustrations for my FMP—the inconveniently required 3D part of the project. I did a lino print, a watercolour, ink, colouring pencils pieces, and a collage. I kept it simple, each medium presenting itself—watercolour was painted with watercolour, ink pen by ink, collage by washi tapes, etc.