‘David Anthony’s’ visit

Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Anthony has proved to be a great big personality. Very casual, he made us all engaged from the beginning.

Back in the eighties, when Anthony was at university, art and design wasn’t taken very seriously yet. His course involved ‘styling windows’, or ‘window dressing’, mainly in fashion and home-ware area. Today, it’s called visual merchandising.

Without the social networks, mobile phones and the rest of the advanced technology, the times were quite different. Anthony likes the social aspect of his job.

After moving to London 15 years ago, he found it hard to start all over again, but eventually found his way in. His big break came when he got a job with Carluccio’s, creating their windows filled with food, successfully inviting customers in. After that he worked with Cafe Nero for five years, looking after their displays.

After five years he’s decided to go freelance, with great success. With clients such as Cath Kidston, Wafflemaster, John Lewis, Nando’s, and other well-known names, he has certainly found his platform in London.

When he is speaking with the clients, he is careful about giving out too many ideas, as in his experience people often walk away with his ideas, and use them without hiring him.

Working with Wafflemeister in Kingston has pushed him to broaden his focus on to the interior and architecture. Starting with a very ‘dated’ site, his job was the total re-branding and clearing up the space. The concept was modern and cozy look with a bit of fun, making the customers feel comfortable.

David with Emily Penny.

Often working out of the usual working hours, and even at night to make sure that the store is ready to be open in the morning.

Check his website—which he is very proud of—here:




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