‘FMP—branding approach’

After doing the initial research on illustration fairs and music and other types of festivals, I’ve moved on to creating the moodboard.

This is the outcome:

As you can see, it’s mostly focused on the feel of nature, relaxation, freedom, creativity, and fun.

At the end, during the stage of choosing the colour palette, I’ve realised that I want the colours to be happy and bright, symbolising the summer, nature and art. I picked a few from the actual board—all three being the colours often represented in nature.

However, I felt like I needed some brushing up on my colour picking skills, so I reached for the book which got me into branding in the first place, How to Style Your Brand by Fiona Humberstone.

Fiona is an established brand stylist, who has a unique way of creating the brand look. She assigns the brand personalities into four seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter. After studying the seasons, I’ve found that the personality of my ‘Creative Bugs’ illustration festival is definitely spring: creative, open, fun, bubbly, friendly, people-loving, optimistic, and trendy. The colour feel matched those that I already chose: bright and happy.

One of the ‘spring’ beautiful pages.

She recommends that the illustrations for this season’s brand are to be busy patterns made of dots, circles, or other simple shapes; fine lines, clean and glossy textures (unfortunately!), and anything with the appearance of movement. Fonts should be round and clear (perhaps some geometrical typefaces).

After looking through some of the ‘spring brands’ in her book, I started forming a broad vision of what ‘Creative Bugs’ would look like. I’d love to make some patterns for it, hand-drawn, then possibly cleaned up in Adobe Illustrator. I will re-select the colours, and perhaps make them more pastel-like, although still bright and clear.

I’ve decided to keep this book in my workspace for reference, to add to the knowledge I gained from my studio’s classes.


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