‘FMP—festival research’

After doing some research on the illustration fairs and festival events, the next stop was looking into the branding of festivals in general. I specifically looked for natural-looking posters, as well as anything else that would give me ideas and inspiration.

I chose these first two posters because of their natural elements—the nature image on the first one, and the texture and muted colours on the second one.

Here is a selection of other events, each with a caption explaining the reason why it’s here:

Simple, minimal approach.
This one has a texture that I really like.
Great illustration, and an interesting typography, unusual  for a festival.
I love the blurred background, I may use this idea.
Perhaps the ‘bugs’ in my “Creative Bugs’ festival could be heading one way too?
A nice earthy illustration.
The nature background, faded out, looks interesting.
Another nature-oriented poster.
I like the colours on this, as well as the general feel.
Great layout and illustration.
Love the whole branding idea, and all the items included. I’m hoping to have enough time to create a similar image with my branding.
A great makeover.
A simple solution—just a photo and text.

After looking through the examples above, and many more, I’ve decided to go either of these two routes:

  • a photograph of a park nature (probably close-up), with some buildings/blocks behind it, symbolising the reality of a city-based festival
  • or a photograph (of a park crown perhaps), with a blurred background and only the logo/text being well-defined.

Also, I’ve decided texture in the branding, as it is a very important aspect of illustration, and in this case it also enhances the link with nature/trees.



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