‘HotHouse Intern Day 6′

At the very beginning of today’s workday we all did the presentation of our blogs and sketchbooks to ensure that we are documenting our intern hours properly.

After that I’ve worked with John Sinha and Alistair Hall on the new logo for the HotHouse, for which I already created some circles at home, as arranged beforehand.

Here is how the circles got applied:

We’ve also tried to see whether any of our handwriting could work:

The task consisted of mainly trying out different layouts in Indesign and Photoshop. We were told to stay as close as possible to the rest of brand identity of The Cass clusters.

John working.

Here are the original ‘cass’ logos, as well as an inspiration that we found online:

Now some of our development work:

The main issue was trying to align ‘hot’ and ‘house’ in a way that resembles ‘the’ and ‘cass’. however, because the bottom part—house—has an ascender, the two words ended up being further from each other than ‘the’ and ‘cass’ (since ‘cass’ has no ascender). The finalization of the design will have to wait until next time though.

The afternoon was spent by discussing ideas for the summer show. Suzanna really liked the idea below, which could be made into a foldable booklet:

We were told that we will have our HotHouse space on the ground floor, at the very front of the show, which was great news. Our studio spaces would be on the 1st or the 5th floor, sharing the space between all four studios, as well the 1st years and the CIP of the second year’s.

The meeting.

We spoke about different types of furniture that we might need, and about how will we layout the space.

The HotHouse ‘talkers’ could be re-invited to run the workshops. The shop would be running, so we discussed the options for that. We thought about how will our work be displayed—details such as how to put up the sketchbooks, 3D work, and prints.

It was a very productive session with many positive outcomes.


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