‘Yama Yama merchandize’

Once I had my logo, I was able to move on to creating the simpler 3D elements required for this project—a paper bag and paper cup. The following digital designs will be printed on to real products (as soon as my ink arrives in the post).

I’ve started with the bag. The following examples show some of its development. The first four designs are more experimental and unpredictable, while the latter four are more repetitive and symmetrical.

The final design was a simplification of the more busy ones above, while still keeping the repetitive feature.

The final paper bag.

I’ve also started working on the final ‘real-life’ paper bag:


The cup that followed was easy, I just moved the same design on to it.

The final paper cup.

I am satisfied with the identity so far, next I will have to focus on the other two elements—the infographic and the ‘feature’ of the cafe.


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