‘Adventures in the parks’

Yesterday I’ve spent half a day in a park where I used to take my kids when they were smaller, as I remember it for having a lovely grass, and that’s what I needed for this task.

As Emily told me to keep things very creative for this project, I came up with a number of ideas (all in my sketchbook!) to make it that way. The most exciting and (so I thought) suitable idea was to find nature objects that resembled of something, spray paint them to make them more prominent, photograph them on top of a nice grass, then print them out, and doodle the rest of the missing object on an acetate with my paint markers, then scan in and add digitally. so the poster would look something like this:

I spray painted each object with yellow paint (after my white can gave up on me) and photographed each with different settings and layouts, then spray painted each in magenta, and photographed again. I tried to stay way away from the kids as the paint smelled bad. Luckily, nobody told me off, just one little girl seemed very interested in the colour, and nearly got herself stuck to my freshly sprayed twig. Also, one boy decided to run right over my painted objects. I forgave him after about ten minutes.

Here are some examples of the photos I did (firstly, wrong tree—the sun shone through in some places, so eventually I had to move on):

New location:

…and bottom part of a boat.

As you can see in the Photoshop screenshots above, this idea is just not working. The image is too saturated, and the grass makes it too busy in my opinion.

Therefore, I tried out the logo on another image, which comes from a series of photos I took two days ago when out with kids. Yes, it was very demanding. Luckily, there was a little music event, so was able to photograph small crowds/groups of people in the background. With my nose to the ground, I guess the only thing that saved from being approached by someone about my reason for photographing them was the fact that I had my kids with me. Made me look less like a weird lady creeping around with a camera, although I surely felt like one, especially for the closer photos.

Here is the mockup:

And here are some of the images I took:

My 8-year old also had a go, worth posting I think!

The idea was to focus on the grass nearby, and have the distance out of focus. The Photoshop screenshot shows that this idea is working much better, just the fact that the top part is out of focus makes the logo much more prominent.

However, although I’m running out time at this point, I still want to go back and photograph my initial idea (should have done it first I guess). Maybe it’s not as creative as required, but it will look good and make people want to come. It’d definitely bring me to this fest.

The idea is to bring som art tools/supplies to the park, start a drawing/print, and photograph it together with the tools used, in the same wide-aperture way as the music event shots above. In case it doesn’t work, I’d use the images from the music event as a backup starting point.



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