‘Bui smoothies website pages’

After designing the banner, business cards and packaging, I was only satisfied with the latter two. Therefore, I embarked on a task of creating some digital application of the branding.

I decided to make a few pages to showcase the general feel of the brand online. I’ve used the visual language already developed through the packaging and business cards, plus I added the manifesto.

It has been quite a lot of work, as I’ve never designed anything like it before. First I created a general website layout, which was relatively easy. I then went on to create a pattern, which was way more difficult for me—making sure that it is spaced out evenly, and that it is perfectly symmetrical was proving challenging. However, at the end I had a pattern that I was happy with. Lastly, I had to choose a colour. I went through quite a few, the best choices are shown in the development below. Unfortunately, I got so focused on the actual work that I didn’t take almost any screenshots of my development, so the colour choice is pretty much the only development shown.

It all started with pink:

The starting point.

Next came some colour experiments:

I also had a yellow, white and a light blue, but didn’t document them.

Afer that came the final colour:

This task was very time-consuming, as at the same time of creating the landing page (right above), I was still improving the packaging. As the bottles were actually separated into the bottles photos and the signage, it was a question of re-adjusting everything each time.

After all the effort, I felt pleased with the results. I believe that this mint green worked better than any other colour that I tried (about 15 all together), although perhaps there is one that I haven’t tried that would have worked even better.

I certainly have to work on my colour combinations as I feel that I’m normally finding it hard, but I’m learning. Eventually I will get there.



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