‘FMP—logo further development (colour, style)

Once I had my typefaces, I could start exploring the colour and the details of the logo.

Firstly, I’ve decided to change the “Illustration Festival’ to the ‘Festival of Illustration’, loosely following the feedback advice to changing it to the “Festival for Illustration’.

Next I’ve tried to create more excitement by adding an inky/paint ‘splash’, but eventually abandoned the idea, as the rest of the visual language was to be quite expressive already:


Regarding the colour, I’ve looked at different logos that I thought had a great solution for the question of the colour:

At the end, I’ve got inspired by the itv logo:

I decided to first explore a gradient of different colours to signify the ‘art’ element. I’ve picked a few images from the internet to see how it would look:

However, I’ve them too digital, and decided to create my own arty background. I’ve used different media, such as watercolour and ink, but as I kept researching I’ve turned my direction toward an even more non-digital approach. I’ve found a number of images that I really liked for this project, and decided to explore this style:



Now that I wanted to try some new styles of using paint, it was time to choose the colour. Initially I have decided to go for the ‘spring colours’ (following the advice from a branding expert Fiona Humberstone). However, after working out the general concept of the promotion material I realized that the colours will have to very specific, not blue, as I might use sky as the top-page-background, and not green, as I might use grass as the whole-page-background. I’ve decided to go for the shades of reds, such as purple and pink, with a possible combination with a dark yellow.

I’ve filled a number of A3 sheets of acrylic paper with marks using media such as acrylics, gouache, and both pan and tube watercolour. I tried brush and a credit card for moving the paint around, and at the end I’ve confidently picked a gouache and credit card combination. I also decided that I will the style of transparent text over paint. The sheets can be seen in my documentation.

Here are the original scans and the final logos:

And here are the final logos, which I’m very pleased with. In fact, I may brush the edges a bit more, but will try to keep them as authentic as possible due to the nature of the festival.

I am yet to choose the final, my choice will depend on the posters and other promotional material, which I’m still working out.




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