‘Final outcomes for the Yama Yama cafe’

Now that I had all the pieces designed, it was time to apply them to a real setting (digitally).

I’ve chosen two outdoor images and one indoor image of a cafe branding application, and adjusted my designs to suit them:

The manifesto and infographic is displayed in the cafe.

Another way of applying the designs was on the merchandize that I’ve created. I wanted to photograph them well, as these images will also be used for my portfolio on Behance and elsewhere.

Although the plan was to find a nice cafe with a great wooden table and do my photography there, due to lack of time I had to improvise something at home. I used my daughter’s table, which is the only suitable surface that I could find, and worked out a way of creating a backdrop from a curtain. I also had a problem with the sun peaking in, but overcame it by diffusing it with a white muslin.

First I laid the flat items on the table and did a few simple shots. It’s a shame that I didn’t have any nice suitable props, like a baby cactus for example. It is an even bigger shame that I didn’t have the light reflectors, as the light was coming from the left, and therefore the right part of the merchandize is darker. I’ve finally ordered some, but too late for this shot.

Next, I’ve added the 3D cup and tried to find a natural-looking one colour backdrop. However, I came across a multi-coloured mixed media background which was created as a side project of one of my personal projects (I basically just cleaned my roller on a large Japanese rice paper), and when I tried it for adding some colour to the scene, I instantly loved it.

Here are the best shots:

After trying the colour madness I’ve decided to still go with the three choices I had for the one colour backdrop:

After trying different backdrops I would say that they all work well, but the one colour ones are certainly more conservative. Being a person who gets excited about the colour, I prefer the mixed background.

At the end, I’m satisfied with these photos, although I must admit that I would have had a better light balance if I used the reflectors. I’m looking forward to the next project when I can do that.



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