‘Infographic development’

Once I had the simpler designs in place, I moved on to the infographics. I’ve already blogged about my research into this area, and posted a number of them that I really liked. In general, my favourite style was worn-out, textured, and looking like a real old book. I like the humanness of it, and tend to stay away from work that looks too digital.

So when it comes to my cafe, the identity so far is quite ‘hands-on’—the textured pattern and logo are staying true to the human feel. Of course, the infographics had to have the same look, with some added information.

I decided to use this piece to explain what this cafe is about—the fact that since most yoga places in the Western world focuses on only one limb of yoga, the asanas (the exercise—mostly outer aspects), Yama Yama wanted to focus on the inner (the other seven limbs of yoga). The tree normally represents these limbs, therefore I opted for recreating its shape with my shapes.

Here are some of the development shots:

After some experimentation with a half circle I tried other shapes, and coloured them in a variety of colours:



Then I started adding the details, experimenting the other shapes from the pattern:

However, I didn’t feel that the spiky ones are suitable, so I used yet more hexagons again:


Now it was really starting to take shape. Here is the final piece, which will (hopefully) be printed in A2 size:

I’m pleased with the final design, and I’m looking forward to seeing it printed out.


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