‘FMP—posters journey’

After the unsuccessful attempt for a playful photography described in the previous post, I’ve moved on to my initial idea, which was to photograph a variety of art tools and an art pad/paper with a wide aperture lens, blurring the park background.

I’ve gone back out to the park, and after some time found the right spot. It had wildflowers everywhere, and even though the far background wasn’t what I had in mind, I decided to go with it as not to waste the whole day looking for the perfect spot.

At first I thought that I will always start the illustration/sketch, as to make the poster inviting for the people to join in. However, after trying out one piece with the colour pencils, and the lines not really showing on my camera screen, I decided to keep it simple and leave the paper empty. This also gave more space to the text.

After an hour or so of photographing, I realized how demanding it is. I was about to get a headache—I guess staring at the small screen, trying to work out the best layouts, and at the same time keeping an eye on the nearby youth with their mopeds was a lot to manage. Just when it started to rain, I got all my shots done, and jumped on my bike to head back home. The very last shots, the ones with the paint tubes, show the rush though. They are not exactly how I wanted them, but there was no dry park time left.

After getting home I’ve tried to create the posters, and it worked much better than the previous attempt with the sticks.

They are slightly on the boring side though, so I will have to see if I can develop them further, plus consider ideas for other branding applications, and make sure they all tie together.

Here you can see some of my development:

Here are the versions I’ve developed so far:

Since my main medium is photography, I need to do some research and work out how to successfully transfer the identity to the rest of the mediums. Perhaps I need to come up with some illustrations and patterns, which will tie all the designs together (beside the logo). Illustrative element would also add playfulness to the brand.



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