‘HotHouse Intern Day 10’

Today has started extra early, as we had to prepare for a badge making and rise printing workshop.

A group of students from Redbridge College were coming for an open day kind of session. As I later found out, these students were just finishing their second year of HND, looking for a place to finish their BA.

After tidying up the studio where the workshop was going to take place, my task to was to find textures on the building and photograph them in order to use them as backgrounds for the badges. I took a number of them. This is just a fraction:

However, the new order was that we won’t use these, and instead let the students use 100% their own creativity when making the badges, and use a pre-designed HotHouse logo pattern for making the riso prints.

Once the students arrived, my task was mainly to photograph them. At one point I had to go to the library and scan some original typeface specimens, as the students were apparently doing a typographic project, and so the printed sheets that we already had were not enough.

Here are some of the photos:


As I love photography, this was a great session for me.




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