‘HotHouse Intern Day 7′

Today we’ve visited the new space in Central House (10min from our campus) that is supposing to be our Summer Show section. The HotHouse area would be downstairs, right by the entrance. It was probably the best place to be. This would mean that we can be seen from the outside, and also that we will be the first point of meeting for the visitors.

The plan is to run a number of workshops and activities, working with industry professionals, for example people who came to do a HotHouse talk at some point in the past.

We are also planning on running a shop, selling items created by the ‘cass’ students.

We then moved on to the area which would exhibit the whole of Visual Communication’s work. This space would be exhibiting work by the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year’s.

During this session, back at the studio, we have also watched a short presentation relevant to our promotional work by Alistair:

And finalized our logo design:

However, at the same time Bogdan, another team member, was working on the same task. At the end, his version is the one that got chosen, even though it was nowhere near ‘the cass’ brand identity. It definitely looks great and original though.


It was a very varied and interesting day.


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