‘HotHouse Intern Day 9’

On this day we have discussed the badge making workshop coming up during the Summer Show—aspects such as frequency and duration, price of the badges, number of students helping, what background or designs will provided for the participants to choose from, and which media will be available for use in order to create the badges.

I have come up with some sketches of the background pattern ideas (can be found in my sketchbook), but the end we’ve decided to use a background already created digitally by one of my colleagues only on the thick paper provided to carry the badges away (packaging). The actual designs will be focused on the participants’ creations instead.

We’ve also designed a set of typographic sheets which could be cut out and used as a collage. It was a set of creative and positive words in different sizes, typefaces, and styles.

My next task was to be done at home. I was to create a set of promotional posters for ‘the cass’, using photography already uploaded to our shared drive. Since the theme is ‘process’, I only used relevant photos and photos of the studio.

It took me quite a long time to work out where all the files necessary for the task are, but eventually I gathered everything and made it work. Then it took me even longer to go through the whole collection of images that we have, and select the ones that could be usable.

Then I got to work, using the template provided, editing the photos in Photoshop and importing back to InDesign, tweaking the template depending on the layout of each photo.

The first set of posters have my own photos used on it (except for one), the second set has someone else’s photos.

Here is some of my development:

Here are some final pieces mockups, which still need to have some of the information edited:

…and here are some of the final pieces:

It was an intense experience, but quite enjoyable one too. It made me more skilful in finding the right payouts and using them efficiently.


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