‘Amazon Fresh final pieces’

After much experimentation I’ve settled down in simplified versions of my illustrations. The ‘splashy part’ didn’t quite work when applied to the final banner designs, and so I’ve cleaned it out in Photoshop and only left the colour on the inside.

I decided to go with Avenir typeface, as after going through a number of typefaces I felt that this one worked best with the Amazon Fresh logo, and had enough styles to use if necessary (italic, bold…).

Here are the final outcomes:

The last one is the one that I’m least pleased with, as the colour of the chocolate on the right needs tweaking, and the size of all of them as too small.

Here is another application:

However, in general I’m pleased with the outcomes. If I had more time for this, I’d create more applications, such as Instagram or their own website pages, flyers, etc.


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