‘More mixed media experiments’

After realizing that the watercolour approach is not really working, or perhaps that my watercolour skills are not sufficient, I’ve moved on to another technique—lino printing. This is one of my favourites, one that I plan to explore further once my studies are over.

I’ve started by sourcing images that resembled the shapes I was after, and editing them in Photoshop in order to be printed out, traced, and transferred on to the lino:

Once that was done, I cut the lino out, and printed:

I tried a selection of papers, such as my favourite Japanese rice paper, and watercolour, acrylic, pastel, and plain papers. Both textured and smooth papers were explored. At the end, I chose the prints on the pastel paper, and medium textured watercolour paper, and scanned them before using them for further experimentation.




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