‘Summer Show 2017, colour research’

The Cass Summer Show is slowly approaching, and it is our task to make it look great.

Although we were told to ‘think freely’, and not worry about the budget, somehow, from the previous years’ experience I knew that i order for the ideas to successful i need to, in fact, think about its cost.

Our group has had to create three mood boards for this event. Some people paired up, but I decided to create my own as it was more convenient.

Firstly I looked at the colours. I’d love to see some bright signage on the exhibition, and my favourite colours were bright pink and neon yellow. To add to it I’ve chosen a purple, which goes well with both pink and yellow, and to neutralize the brightness I’ve also added white and black.

I’ve found some images online which give the colour mood that I’m after:

I can now move on to the rest of the elements.


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