‘FMP—designer research. Branding of Green Man Festival.’

Green Man is an art and music festival in Wales, which has been going on since 2003. In 2013 its branding has been put into the hands of Lovers, based in London. They’ve created a very successful brand identity, and have been maintaining it ever since.

Their journey has started at the beginning—finding out the roots of the area, looking into the local history and tales. They became particularly interested in ancient folk art and pagan monsters, and decided to build the identity around that.

They developed their own visual language based around the characters from that era, making it work exceptionally well with the concept of the festival. Here are some examples of applications:

As you can see, the visual language has been very ‘primitive’, based on the ancient characters.

They invented different areas of the festival, such as Einstein’s Garden, Little Folk, nature Nurture, etc., and embedded them with mythology to make them feel like they’re existed there for many, many years.

Each year is about the seasons coming back—always the same, but exactly the same, which is why they like to invite with new artists, to tweak the identity ever so slightly, and keep bringing the fresh feel.

Utilising on the power animation and social media, they’ve been growing steadily for many years now, and are even creating new events, such as ‘The Green Man’s Beer & Cider Festival’ in London’s King’s Cross, based around the ‘Beer Monster’.

Well done Lovers! I’d love to work for you one day!


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