FMP—illustrations for the 3D display’

Finally the day has come when I found the time to make the illustrations for my FMP—the inconveniently required 3D part of the project. I did a lino print, a watercolour, ink, colouring pencils pieces, and a collage. I kept it simple, each medium presenting itself—watercolour was painted with watercolour, ink pen by ink, collage by washi tapes, etc.

They were done quite speedily due to lack of time, and also because they were symbolic rather than trying to be prefect—people who would participate in the festival would most likely be amateurs. This way perhaps they wouldn’t get intimidated and put off by thinking that the level is too high for them.

Once the images were finished, I hung them up, ready to pick them up take them to the park to be photographed in 3D environment.





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