‘FMP—last park time’

Today it was the day to photograph the 3D installation—a day before my hand-in. Unfortunately the weather was not great, but at least I managed to get my sister to stay with the kids, so I didn’t have to drag them there with me (much, much quicker way).

The idea was to hand the illustrations on a tree branch, arrange them nicely, and shoot. However, things didn’t go as expected. It was too windy, and the sheets of paper were dancing wildly, instead of staying nice and still for me. Plus, it was beginning to dribble (luckily the huge tree stopped most of the rain).

It first, it was quite a challenge, but eventually I went with the flow and got some interesting motion images out of it. They certainly were much more exciting than if they were just hanging there motionless.

I got many different angles as the illustrations were constantly moving, but it was also hard to get the right one for the same reason. Half of the time I could only see half of them.

White there, I also got a few shots of my (still unstapled) booklet:

Overall I’m pleased with the outcome.



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