“Teal & Dot business card!”

Yes, I managed! I have my first Teal & Dot Studio business card. I must admit that it was created in Photoshop in about 10 minutes due to lack of time (although it did take me about half an hour to print the text in letterpress AND another 3 minutes to create the background…), but still. Also, it took some tweaking during the printing process, but in all it was a pretty quick design.



“Final outcomes for ‘Beyond Limits’ project”

The “Beyond Limits” project has started months ago, and here you can read the post about its beginnings.

Following my own criticism as well as feedback from others, I’ve adjusted the layout of the posters, corrected my mistake of printing them out in A2 size instead of A1, and added the third piece. At last my finals are now ready and printed. It took some time to get them to the point where I was happy with them, mainly resolving the colour issues with the CMYK/RGB mode.


Back to basics three times (street photography on and on!)”

When I first read the “Shadows” project, I was pretty sure that it will go well for me, as I love photography, and certainly don’t mind shooting in the street. However, I had a big challenge coming my way. At the end, I’ve spend about 3-4 hours in the street, photographing people (mainly). My first (very local) trip out can be seen here, however, the  images I got didn’t spark any ideas in me, and so I decided to go back out and keep shooting until something inspires me.