“A grid workshop with Kim Vousden”

On Tuesday we had a class with Kim, whom I already met during my letterpress session. She is wonderful person, really friendly and helpful. However, the workshop timing wasn’t that great, as most people have plenty to do at the moment, with grid not being a burning issue.



“Woodblock workshop”

I’ve turned up for the Monday workshop—as the only person. I came with the intension to copy more alphabets for future use, as I’ve already copied one before in my previous visit (you can read about in this post).


“Letterpress fun”

I’ve been wanting to come to this old and dusty corner room for some time now, but it wasn’t until one Easter holiday Wednesday that I got around to it. Luckily, our new “room keeper” Kim was there, and so I was able to get in. Plus, she really was a great help, and everything got done much faster than if I had to work it out myself. That day I left with a (rather large) number of prints of a Gill sans alphabet in both small letters and capitals.


“Screen printing workshop”

Going through my images and getting into the mood for catching up with my blog, I bumped into a folder full of photos from this great workshop. This was my second screen printing intro (one a year…), which I did back in December while completing my “Editions” project.

Damian took us through a (rather long, but amusing) “health & safety” talk, and demonstrated in great length and with plenty of enthusiasm the process of screen printing. Some of it was familiar, as I already went though it once a year ago with another technician. However, the process is pretty complicated, and so brushing up was necessary.


“Riso printer intro” by Emily

Everyone seems very excited about this printer, and in this class we were shown how to use it (roughly).  Apparently, it’s very economical compare to a normal laser printer, and so it’s great for printing large numbers of sheets. We only have four colours however, so that is a great limitation. In general, it has many similarities to screen printing, and is able to create different opacities and give the grainy texture that is so popular with many people (including me).