“Personal visual research—books that inspire me”

There are many artists that inspire me, and there are SO MANY THINGS FOR ME TO LEARN! In this post you can see some of the books that I read with great interest, most of them my own.



“Letterpress fun”

I’ve been wanting to come to this old and dusty corner room for some time now, but it wasn’t until one Easter holiday Wednesday that I got around to it. Luckily, our new “room keeper” Kim was there, and so I was able to get in. Plus, she really was a great help, and everything got done much faster than if I had to work it out myself. That day I left with a (rather large) number of prints of a Gill sans alphabet in both small letters and capitals.


“Inspiration—Juliette Crane”

Today I’ve decided to start dropping posts about artists who inspire me. Juliette Crane is kind of a recent one, although not the latest one, who came to mind. She is an American mixed media artist who loved painting these weird, cute, and very messy animals/girls/creatures. I just adore the way she gets her hands involved in her paintings (she doesn’t mind the dirty nails that come after I guess), how freely she blends the colours, and how intentionally imperfect her paintings are.