“At last—the final bollard outcomes!”

During the process of developing my project I’ve tried mixed media technique, screen printing, and Gelli plate printing, but none of these have ended up to be the part of the final outcome.



“Further development of my bollard project”

After getting the latest brief for the “Local Universe” studio I set out to do some photography of the area in order to find something to focus on. You can read about it here and here.


“Moving image attempts”

Some time ago we had a task of creating a charcoal-based short animation. I’ve created an “aubergine family” video—and I quite enjoyed it. It took me a few hours from start to finish, using a simple sheet of paper taped to the wall, a camera taking shots after each adjustment, and a willow charcoal. Once I’ve photographed all the stills, I’ve imported them into the Photoshop and created a slideshow.