“Right turn—the finished project!”

Yes, I know I’ve been dragging it across like three posts, but it did take ages to get to this. Here it comes at last! Well, if nobody else, at least my mum has been waiting for ages to see the final product. For you, mum! 🙂

And yeah, it is well long once again… but I put the close-up of the outcome as my feature image for the unpatient ones.



“Wrong turns”

Sometime in November, we’ve been given a new project, which was to be finalised on 15th of December. We had to create “an edition” of a number (any number counts, actually…) of sellable products, based on our visual research of the Local Universe so far.

I knew straight away that I was gonna screen-print some tote bags, since I really wanted to get more into screen printing, and I loooove tote bags. I’ve ordered fifteen bags in five colours.


“Studio presentations day”

That Friday was a fun day. We’ve all had the chance to see what the rest of the studios were doing, and at least I was really excited about that. Each studio also gave a presentation about their work.

My favourite studio was the branding “Empathy & Enterprise”. I loved how clean and finished their pieces were, as well as the imagination used to create new products, complete with all the branding.