“D*Face exhibition in the Stolenspace Gallery”

The other day I was passing by the Stolenspace Gallery on my way to another photo shoot of the bollards, and I’ve decided to pop in. I’m glad I did.



“House of Illustration visit”

My visit to the House of Illustration was an enjoyable one. There were two exhibitions on at the time—one about women making comics, and the other one being a geometrical representation of the local area. There was also an additional viewing of what seems like many different takes on a cover of a book about a horse.


“Illustration Fair at the Oxo Tower”

One of our Creative Industry Practice tasks was to go and check this illustration fair. It was happening over three days in the Oxo Tower, and it was a real “pick-me-up” right after my depressing Geffrye Museum visit (https://katarinajakcsiova.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/geffrye-museum-visit/).

Here are some of the most inspiring shots from this lovely fair.


“Geffrye Museum Visit”

Well, this must have been one of the most boring visits I’ve ever done. Already fed-up with the way my project was going (windows’ architecture), to my tutor’s advice I’ve decided to take a look at this museum. I was hoping to get some visual information on the different time periods in order to identify the windows chosen for my design.

And, well enough, this was the last drop of British architecture, which eventually made me change my topic altogether… to market vegetables… what a relief.


“Studio presentations day”

That Friday was a fun day. We’ve all had the chance to see what the rest of the studios were doing, and at least I was really excited about that. Each studio also gave a presentation about their work.

My favourite studio was the branding “Empathy & Enterprise”. I loved how clean and finished their pieces were, as well as the imagination used to create new products, complete with all the branding.