‘FMP—new turn of the identity’

After trying out a few different ways to approach this project, I wasn’t happy with the outcome. The large-scale photography just wasn’t working, and I found it hard to apply it to other merchandize and designs.



FMP—illustrations for the 3D display’

Finally the day has come when I found the time to make the illustrations for my FMP—the inconveniently required 3D part of the project. I did a lino print, a watercolour, ink, colouring pencils pieces, and a collage. I kept it simple, each medium presenting itself—watercolour was painted with watercolour, ink pen by ink, collage by washi tapes, etc.


‘Infographic development’

Once I had the simpler designs in place, I moved on to the infographics. I’ve already blogged about my research into this area, and posted a number of them that I really liked. In general, my favourite style was worn-out, textured, and looking like a real old book. I like the humanness of it, and tend to stay away from work that looks too digital.