‘David Anthony’s’ visit

Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Anthony has proved to be a great big personality. Very casual, he made us all engaged from the beginning.



‘Visual research out there’

‘Electricity’ exhibition

The other day I went to an exhibition in order to start looking into the 3D space, which is the basis of our last brief—the FMP.


‘Stolen Space gallery visit’

The other day I’ve decided to visit a gallery exhibition and observe its details in order to document them for the design competition brief, so I headed to my favourite gallery called Stolen Space. It is located at the beginning of the Brick Lane, just a few minutes from my uni.


“The Stylus agency” with Emily Penny

Having done some visual in Selfriges in the morning, we headed out to this innovative agency. We didn’t quite understand what was happening yet, personally I thought that there were going to be some lovely food displays and tips on how to style them—don’t ask me why. I couldn’t be more wrong.